About Us

Wilbur R. (Bill) Carnes began to manufacture and sell his first products near the end of 1939. Bill and his family lived on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin near Lake Monona. His first employee was hired in January, 1940. Prior to starting the company he took a leave of absence from his position as a chemical salesman and developed a method to take metal shavings out of the oil coolants that he was selling. His first products were sump tank cleaning machines that were manufactured for use in machine shops, including the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois. These machines helped to solve oil filtration problems. Bill would sell a unit and then would build it in his shop, which was located at 2066 Helena Street in Madison. These machines had 100, 150, or 200 gallon tanks that were placed on wheels. They had centrifugal baskets with filters to remove steel chips from the coolant used in milling machines, which allowed the coolant to be used over and over. Later Bill also designed his own vacuum pump for these machines.

We are the Sales arm of Carnes representing all products that Carnes manufacturers. Specializing in Louvers and Security grills for penitentiaries.